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Komplettlösung Englisch V. 0.1
Komplettlösung auf Englisch Version 0.1


1. The Beginning...

After the awesome cutscenes, you'll encounter your first battle in the game against some soldiers. Just keep attacking them until you encouter your boss battle

Heavy Tank Right Unit & Heavy Tank Left Unit
HP : About 200 each
First thing you need to know about this battle is that you can't lose. So don't bother wasting healing items, if you die your HP will be automatically restored.


Boss Battle
To do the damage, simply keep switching your attacks between the left and right one (example : Right, Left, Right, Left, and so on). After you killed both machine, a new target will appears, and use it to finish off the battle.


Your First Save Point
After more cutscenes, you will be able to control your main character, Kaim. There's a save point to the right if you want to save your game. This map is pretty straight forward, so just keep going north (avoid the lava if you can), push the object and pick up Bruiser Ring. After the tutorials, keep going north, examine the blinking object north west for a Name Plate. Keep going north to the next screen. Go near the boxes for more items, then continue on until you reach a save point. Examine the nearby box for a Healing Medicine. Continue on to meet some soldiers. After the cutscene, open the 2 treasure chest nearby for some items (Wheatstones and Angel's Plumes).


Open the Treasure Chests
When you're ready, board the armored cart. Inside the cart, simply go north for more cutscenes.After you regain controls of Kaim, go enter the door nearby and board the lift and follow the soldiers. When you reach the station, examine around the 2 soldiers chatting at the back for Healing Medicine. When you're ready go enter the monorail. Inside, go north and sit down to watch a couple of cutscenes.

Once you arrrived at the next station, you'll regain controls of Kaim once again. Before boarding the lift, examine the blinking object near the bench for Engraved Ring.

Engraved Ring
Now board the lift to the next area. There's a save point here. Kick the trash can near the "Drop Lost Item" Monorail Crew behind a desk for a Healing Medicine. Exit the train station to the east, and keep going east for more cutscenes.

After all the talking, you will be able to control Kaim once again.

2. Uhra City

Be sure to examine the golden pots for some items. Like the Tavern for some examples, you can find 100 G, Aqua Bomb, Seed inside these golden pots. I will not be mention these again in the future, so be sure to examine them out.There's a save point nearby. Now you must head to the inn. Feel free to explore around the town if you want, be sure to check the tavern for some items.

Inside the Inn
To advance, head to the inn and talk to the innkeeper for more cutscenes. When you wake up, explore all the rooms inside the inn for more items. Once you're ready, head out from the inn and go south for another scene. After that, go north from the main street to reach the residential area. In this huge open area, be sure to examine around, kicking stuffs to find more items. There are also golen pots in the east area for more items. Go north to reach Gangora's Mansion, and go near the gate for another cutscene.

Inside the mansion, take the right fork and enter the door. Inside the Research lab, take the northest door to another room with 3 treasure chest. Open them and go back to the previous screen.

Open the Treasure Chests
Go around and to the north west to trigger a short scene. Board the elevator the north west for another scene. After that you'll be back down stairs. Take the west door nearby to the next screen. The north west door here leads to the courtyard, but you have no use for it yet, so just head out from the mansion for now. Head to the residential area for even more cutscene. Afterwards, head to the inn and the innkeeper will give you more info about the mission.


Prepare for your next mission
Be sure to Save your game. Afterwards, head out from the inn and head to the tavern. Go talk to the guy near the bar to reveal another dream for Kaim. Head back to the main street and head north west to reach the Station. Go take the elevator, and when you're ready, talk to the crew on the left to take the monorail to the Great Gate.


Head to the Great Gate
Once you arrived there, head south to the next screen and take the elevator down. Head out from the gate for more cutscenes. Keep heading south after to advance. You will be greeted with a shop keeper, so feel free to do some shopping if you want. Once you ready, head south to exit the gate.


Choose "Ipsilon Mountain" on the Map.
3. Ipsilon Mountains

If you can kick some of the trees here they will drop items, so be sure to check them out.

After the cutscenes, there will be a save point nearby so be sure to save your progress. This map is pretty straight forward, so just keep following the path up north until you reach a bigger area. Take the North east path and examine the 2 Golden Pots for some items.

Get the items.
Head west afterwards to find more Golden pots on the way containing more items. Go north, then head south west to find a little cave with more items. Once you're ready, head north west to the next screen

Ipsilon Mountains - Near Mountain Hut

Go north, and check the east area for more items inside the Golden Pots. Continue up north for more intersection. The South East path is blocked for now, so keep following the path north and head inside the Hut.

Ipsilon Mountains - Mountain Hut

Examine around for some items (there's a candle you can lit on the 1st floor to reveal an item "Search Glasses"). Use the save point here if you want to save your game. When you're ready, head to the 2nd floor and talk to Jansen to rest for the night. More scenes. Next morning, check the candle besied the bed and turn it on. You'll see a shining things under the bed, so examine it to get an item ("Shield"). Go back downstairs and take the other door north behind Seth to continue on. Keep following the narrow path for more scenes.

Ipsilon Mountains - Northern Ridge

It's raining very hard here,...just keep following the path anyway, and on the way Kaim will unlock another dream of his. Keep following the path to reach th next screen.

Ipsilon Mountains - Mountain Peak

Continue on for more scene and a boss battle.

Boss Battle - HP : 1500
Before the battle, put both Seth and Jansen in the back row. The boss is weak to Fire, so you need to use Jansen cast Flare in every turn, while the rest of the party heals each other when needed (using white magic, or Healing Potions). Items always take the first turns, so please keep that in mind if you need to heal.


Your first "REAL" Boss Battle.
My Party is only Lv 12 for this battle, so you don't really need to overlevel to defeat it. 7 or 8 Flare Magic should be enough to take the boss down, what you need to watch out is your HP. Make sure to heal every turn, and since Jansen need to damage the boss with Flare magic, just leave the healing duty to both Kaim and Seth.

After the battle, continue on for a save point and continue on to the next screen. Here, keep following the path and go pass a broken bridge and jump on the legdes by pressing "A" button. Keep following the narrow path until you reach an intersection. Here, take the south path to reach the opposite side of the broken bridge earlier, and go examine the pile of stone to reveal a chest containing Novice Earrings. Now follow the path north to the next screen.

Novice Earrings

Ipsilon Mountains - Cart Track

Push the cart here that is blocking the way, and follow the path east to the next screen.

Push the Cart blocking the way
Ipsilon Mountains - Mining site

Just follow the path straight, and at the dead end, examine your left side for a ladder. Climb it downstairs, and go burst through the door nearby that is blocked by some pile of stones to reach a treasure chest containing Slot Seed. Go back to the ladder and head south to find another ladder down. Downstairs, follow the path north then a little west for another ladder down. Head south for yet another ladder down. At the bottom level, keep going north and push the cartwheel down to continue on to reach the exit. Now you'll be back at the world map, and a new place is unlocked : "Grand Staff Construction Base - Southeast". Before going there you might want to stock up first, so feel free to go back to City of Uhra first if you want.

Once you are ready, head to the Grand Staff Construction Base

4. Grand Staff Construction Base - Southeast

After the scene, you'll regain controls of Kaim once again. Use the save point if you want,and feel free to explore the area. At the north east section, there's a pippot hiding inside a pot. If you give the thing 5 Healing Medicine, it'll give you back a Healing Herb in return. I don't know how many times you can do this, i will update on this later (or if you know any info feel free to let me know). If you enter the building on the west, you can rest for free.

Exchange 5 Healing Medicine for 1 Herb ?
Now, you can access a "secret" warehouse here (heh not really). See the narrow path those 2 guards guarding at the north west section of this area ? Yes, there's a way to pass through the guards here. First you need to talk to both of the guards. After you talk to them, they'll start moving back and forth from their initial position. Now, use this chance to sneak through FROM THE SOUTH (not the north one). After a bit of tries, you'll make it. You need to watch out from both guards, and quickly push the crate blocking the way from the south and head down the ladders quick. It might takes several tries, i managed to get in after about 10 minutes.

Building Warehouse

Inside, check the pots for items, and one of the guy here sell items/weapons. Go purchase Lightweight Saber off him, one for Kaim and one for Seth, and dont forget to buy Aqua magic. Dont bother buying weapon for Jansen, he's better off using spells. To exit, just take the south door and you'll be back in the resting room. Push the crates to make your way, and exit the area.

Inside the Warehouse
Now head out to the world map, and go to the newest area on the map ; Sea of Baus

5. Sea of Baus

Open the treasure chest near the save point on the west for Treasure Glasses. Head north to the next screen after.

Treasure Glasses
Sea of Baus - Rocks near the Sunken Ship

Keep going north until you find an intersection and a treasure chest containing "All Shield". The east path leads to a shell containing 4 Sticky Tapes. The west path leads to an electronic pole looking thing, Ram the thing afterwards for a 3 Insect Innards (dont touch it while it blinks, or you'll encouter a battle). Now burst through the north door to the next screen. There's more of these pole looking here, so be sure to check them out. Also kick all the shells here for more items. Head north to the next screen to continue n.

Sea of Baus - Beach of Wastes

Again, examine all the pole looking there here for more items. Once you gotten all of them, continue north to the next screen

Beware of the Shock !
Sea of Baus - Crater island

Open the chest nearby for 4 Pumice of Despairs and go climb the stairs up. Keep following the path until you reached a Save point. You know what that means. Once you're ready, head to the next screen for more scenes and a boss battle.

Tips :
Before you encounter the battle, make sure to learn the "Anti Paralize" Skills from the equipment Yellow Band (at least 2 of your characterS). You're going to need it in the next battle.

Boss Battle : Bogimoray + 5x Magic Insects
HP: Around 1750

First thing you need to need to battle this same boss twice in a row. Secondly, the boss can't do anything except absorbing magic from the little insects, and once its magic bar is full...the giant worm will cast a pretty powerful magic : Para-Flare (about 200 damage to the entire party) and will paralize the entire party (this is where Yellow Band comes in hand, so be sure to master the Anti Paralyze skills).

To defeat this boss, you need to kill at least 2 of the underlings, and leave the rest alone as they all will keep coming back anyway. After you killed 2 of the insects, focus all of your attacks on the boss !! Jansen's Aqua/Flare magic works well in this battle. If the boss attacks you with Para-Flare, be sure to heal the party after.

Boss Battle
After you defeat the boss, you'll have to fight it again for the 2nd round. It's basically the same boss, except this time the boss comes with a full gauge, so be sure to heal after its Para-Flare attacks. The rest is the same as the first one, keep attacking with Jansen's Flare/Aqua magic, and heal when needed.

Like i mentioned before, you dont need to kill all the insects, just kill about 2 or 3 and move along to the main boss.

After the boss, touch the glowing blue orb nearby to restore all your HP/MP. Check out the treasure chest next to Jansen for an item. Now keep heading south for another scene, and another battle will ensues (damn)

Boss Battle ? 5 x Soldiers

Just keep focusing on 1 soldier at a time and you'll be fine. Be sure to heal with Zephyr when needed.

Crater Island

Inside the Jail, examine around the cell to unlock another of Kaim's Dream. After talk, go talk to Jansen for more scenes. Try to ram the jail cell afterwards, and you will be given an option to switch characteres. Switch to Seth, then Jansen for more scenes.

Switch Characters to Seth then Jansen
The White Boa - Brig

After all the cutscenes, you will be able to control your characters again, this time as Jansene. Go near the guard and press "A" to "Throw" for more scenes (lol @ the guard). Anyways, finally you can save your game here. When you're ready, open the door nearby to the next screen/

The White Boa - Engige Area

There's a security robot here, and you need to get past it without being noticed. If you get noticed, you'll be back at the cell again, but the stupid soldier will let you out again (lol). Go past the first robot onto the next one.

Watch out for the Security Robots!
Kick the can and quickly run past it !!! Examine the light blue switch here to open the door in the north. Open the chest for "Paralyze" magic. Continue on to the next one. See the light blue switch in front of you ? When the robot got inside, quickly go click the switch to turn off the door to trap it. Operate the next switch near the door to unlock the other door. There's an intersection here. You can't go through the other way (leading east on the mini map), so take the only way out here. Go past the floor with red security lights in it. For the first time, you'll be fine, but next time you need to hold "B" buttons while walking through or you'll be alerted to the security.

Walk on these Red Platforms, not run !
Before going through the door, go climb the ladder nearby and operate the light blue switch to bring the ladders down. Now, if you get caught, you can use this path to get around the area (something like a check point i suppose). Now open the door and enter the room with a sleepy soldier. Walk through the security floor by pressing the "B" button or else you'll wake the soldier up. Check another light blue switch to open the door revealing a treasure chest containing Slot Seed. Continue on and go climb the ladder near the security robot. Again, you need to "walk" through those security platform. Keep following the path, and operate the light blue switch at the end to unlock the door down below. Now take the ladder down nearby. Operate the red switch here behind the ladder here, (pic below) and quickly climb the ladder up and operate another light blue switch to bring down another ladder.

Examine the Red Switch
Take the ladder down to go back the area with the sleepy soldier before. Now examine another red switch next to the door to unlock the main door (finally). Press the switch to operate the eleveator to the next area,

The White Boa - Guest aRea

More scenes, and you'll get all your weapons back. Defeat those soldiers, and continue up for a save point. There are two treasure chest in this room containing Angel Plume (in the middle) and Healing Potion (south east corner) so be sure to get them first. Go check the door on the north for more scenes (the other 2 doors are locked). You'll be controlling Jansen alone afterwards, just keep moving north and talk to the queen for more scenes. After the scene, get Jansen to check back at the door for more scenes...stupid Jansen. To find the emergency Exit. Just take the east path leading north, and take the stairs down to the next screen.

Emergency Exit!
The White Boa - Engige Room

You can't go through south, so take the north path for more scenes.

6. State of Numara

Keep going south to exit the chambers. There's a saev point here, and as well some items inside the pots so be sure to get them. Keep heading south to the next screen for more scenes.

City of Numara

Feel free to explore the city. The Inn has many items so be sure to get them all. Head east to the port area and explore around to unlock another of Kaim's Dream. Continue on to the Canal Street area for another Save Point.

Save Point near the bridge
Keep going until you find 3 little kids asking you to join their "club". Ignore them for now, and keep going and Kaim will unlock another dream of his. Keep following the path to reach the port. Another save point here. Once you finished exploring the city, take the west exit from the port to the next screen.

Ghost Town - City of Ruins

Head north east to find a treasure chest containing 5x Sandman's Seals. Continue north for another scene, and a battle.

Battle : 3 x Soldiers + 2 x Calvalry

Well i wouldnt really call this a boss battle, but these guys are pretty tough. The Cavalry's rush attack can harm you about 300 damage each, so be sure to stock up some Healing Herbs to heal afterwards. First off, kill the little soldiers first before focusing on the Cavalry. Once you taken out the soldiers, just use Magics like Aqua or Ground to finish off the Calvalry.

3x Soldiers + 2x Carvalry battle.
After the battle, feel free to explore around the field if you want, there's no random battle here. Be sure to check the pots, i found 2 of them containing 4x Hard Skins and Kelo Vitamin. Keep going north west to the next screen.

Head to Cooke & Mack's house next
Ghost Town - Funeral Beach

Before entering the house, examine all the pots outside the house for more items. Once ready, go enter the house with blue door for more scenes

After that, you'll be controlling Tolten for the first time back in Uhra. Just continue heading north for more scenes. Head south east a little near that monster that's been following you for another scene (damn ugly monsters) and soon you'll be surrounded by it. This is a pretty easy battle though, just keep hitting them with Cut Down and you'll win the battle in no time.

More scene and yet another battle...just keep "Inquiring" him until you have the option to attack him. Dont worry about your HP, you have 10 Healing Herbs at your disposal, so that should be more than enough. Just hit him twice and the battle will ends.

Roxian Battle
After the long cutscenes, you'll be able to control Cooke. You need to collect 10 white flowers for the funeral, so go find them around this area. There's also a treasure chest containing Slot Seed at the north west part of the area. After you collected all 10 white flowers, go back and talk to the Funeral Director. Now it's Kaim's turn to collect some "branches"...sigh, this is getting old. Anyways, go back to him after you collected all the branches for more scenes. When you control Mack, you need to adjust the toches so that you can light the fire. Just follow the tutorial and you'll be fine.

The Funeral
After the Funeral is over, you'll be able to control your characters again. Cooke will join the party, go upstairs for a treasure chest containing Kelolon Magic, and a Save Point. You can also rest on the bed if you want. Now head back to the port. On the way, Kaim will unlock yet another dream. Continue on to the port of Numara for more scenes, and keep heading east to exit the port back to the world map.

Cooke's House - 2nd Floor. You can rest here if you want
Now Head to Crimson Forest on the map

7. Crimson Forest

Be sure to check the mushroom in these area for Crystal Fragments. Be sure to collect them all. I found 17 of them at the end of this dungeon.

You'll need these for later, so collect them.
Keep going for a save point. From Here take the west path and examine the mushroom nearby for a Crystal Fragment. Ignore the north path for now and go back to the Save point, take the east path and keep following the path. At the intersection, turn west for yet another intersection. Ignore the first path going north, and keep heading south to find another Crystal Fragments. Go take the other north path to continue on until you reach another intersection. If you take the south path here it'll leads you back to the save point, so take the north path for more scene. Go ram the boulder and continue to the next screen.

Crimson Forest - Near Swamp

Another intersection here. First, you take the North east path and follow all the branches here for more Crystal Fragments. After you're done with all the paths, go back to the very first intersection and take the North west path. Keep following the path until you reach another intersection. Take the north one first for another Crystal Fragment, then go back and take the other path to reach a small swamp. Take the south path and get the item, then go back and take the east path for another intersection. The west path is a dead end so take the northern path to the next screen.

Sorcerers Shrine - Chambers of Stone Tablets

Use the save point first before doing anything else. Now ride the red glowing platform to reach the bottom area.


Ride on the glowing platform to go down
Another intersection here, take the west path first and go to the next screen. This is starting to look like Indiana Jones lol. Ok, once you climb the stairs, a huge stone boulders will come rolling down and you need to avoid it. If its hit you, then you need to ride the platform back up. Anwyays, on the platform there will be a little edge to hide from the boulders, so use that space to avoid it.

At the top, there will be 2 more stairs leading downstairs. Leave the middle one for later, and take the north one. Keep following the path downstairs for a treasure chest, and continue on to a screen containing 2 Crystal Fragments. Go all the way back upstairs, and now take the middle stairs down. Open the treasure chest near the save point for a Curse Magic. Heal and save your game if you want. Now go north and go pass 2 Golem statues for a Crystal Fragment and a treasure chest containing Cubic Magical Score 2. Do the same thing on the southern area, go pass the 2 golem statues for a treasure chest containing Slot Seed.

Beware of the Golems !
Now, examine the door near the save point. So, the door is locked. How do we open it ? Simple. First go climb the middle stairs and examine the Green Pillar in the center. You can push this pillar away, so keep pushing it until you cant move it any further.

Push the Green Pillar Away
Now go back up and walk on the switch to bring the giant boulder down. Since the Green Pillar wasnt there anymore, the giant boulder will just roll down and crush the door below. Pretty neat. Continue on and get ready for a boss battle.

Boss Battle : Obsidian Tentacles 4 x
HP : 300 each

Now, you've got to kill all the tentacles before they start draining all of Cooke's HP. Focus on one target first, then continue to the next one. Leave Tentacles C (the one with 520 HP) for last.

Obsidian Tentacles
Boss Battle : Mack (Possesed)
HP : 460

DONT ATTACK HIM. If you kill him then it's game over and you have to start all over again. Have Kaim and Seth Defend and have either Cooke or Jansen cast SLEEP to Mack. Now you can focus on the main Target.

Boss Battle : Obsidian Miasma
HP : 930

Your normal attack wont do much damage here, so use only magic based attacks.

After the battle, time for more cutscenes, and that's it for Disc 1 !


Disc 2:

Sorcerers Shrine

Just ride the platform here and it'll take you back to the Crimson Forest. Now go exit the forest and Kaim will recalls yet another fragment of his dream. Back in the world map, head back to the City of Numara.

8. City of Numara

Go walk near the fountain for more scenes. After some long cutscenes, you will encounter a battle against some Numara Soldiers.

Battle : 4x Numara Heavy Corps
HP : About 400 each

This battle shouldnt be a problem, just keep hitting them with normal attack and Jansen use his magics.

Battle Against the Numara Soldiers
Numara Palace - Corridor Garden

After the funny cutscene (lol), head north for an intersection, then take the east path. Keep following it and take the elevator up to the next level. Take the western path that leads into another elevator, this time going down. Head south west and Keep following the path here for another elevator going up. From here just keep following the path south until you reach a save point. Head south to the next screen for more scenes.

Numara Palace - Facade

Follow the path downstairs, then keep heading south to the next screen. More scenes, followed by a boss battle.

Boss Battle :
Magic Heavy Tank (HP about 1500)
Cannon (HP about 1500)
Tank Unit (HP about 1000)
Cannon Unit

Focus your attack on the Cannon first. Keep attacking it with magic attacks, and have one of your party member to heal with Zephyr Magic. After you took down the Cannon, the Cannon Unit will be gone too, which leaves you with two more targets (Magic Heavy Tank and Tank Unit). Target the Tank Unit next, and after you destroyed it, focus on the only target left (Magic Heavy Tank). This battle shouldnt be too hard compared to the recent boss battles.

Boss Battle : Magic Heavy Tank
After the scenes, you will be given a composite magic tutorial. Now exit back to the world map, and head to Port of Numara on the world map

Port of Numara

Go save at the save point if you want. From the save point here, head north east and explore around until you found the shipyard.

Check the Door behind this area to reach the Shipyard
More scenes. That's a pretty badass ship we have there And we're going to steal that for OUR RIDE. Pretty neat. Anyways, just head north and enter the ship for more scenes. Afterwards, go read the tutorial of how to control the ship. Before exploring anywhere, go enter the ship first (RB) for more scenes. Please do note that while you're riding the ship, you can save anywhere on the world map.

That's your new ride right there, the "Slantnose"
Now, with your new ride, feel free to explore around. For your next destination, explore around the north east area for a dry land, and disembark from your ship (using "A" button). More scenes and now this time it's Seth's turn to reveal a fragment dream of hers. Back in the world map, enter the new location : Tosca Village.

Head north east to reach the Coast of Tosca (Marked Red in Map)
8. Tosca Village

Hmm seems like the people around here knows Kaim already. Anyways feel free to explore around if you like, just dont enter the inn for now. Talk to the little kid near the bridge and he'll give you a Magic Powered Locator LV1. The kid will also tell you to find a treasure of his, and a treasure hunting tutorial will ensues.

Talk to the Kid to get "Magic Powered Locator"
Anyways, go talk to one of the old man here for another fragment of Kaim's dream. To find the treasure that little kid mentioned before, just go near the waterfall and jump over the platform and examine around near the Kelolon statue to find Medusa's Head.

Medusa's Head
Once you're done exploring the town, go to the inn for more scenes. Afterwards you'll be controlling Kaim again. Explore the Inn for more items. There's also a shop here at the 2nd floor, so feel free to buy anything you need (Get 2 Killing Cutlass for both Kaim and Seth if you have the money). Once you're done, head down to the bar downstair for yet another scene. Next morning, exit the inn, and take the north exit from the village to reveal a new locations on the world map. Head to the old Sorceress' mansion next

9. Old Sorceress's Mansion

Go pass the gate and....zomg. This place is spooky indeed.

The Creepy mansion
Go enter the mansion for even more sighting...hmmmmmm. There's a save point here, open the treasure chest for Cure All, and check the blinking object opposite the save point to find a Poem Fragment. Head north to the next screen....time for a puzzle. Explore the maze for 2 treasure chests containing Cure all and Bow Plate. There's nothing you can do in this room at the moment, so go back to the previous room with a save point.

Bow Plate
Take the west door first to the next screen. Here check the blinking item for Poem Fragment B. Now head to the long corridor up north with a mirror at the end. There's 3 doors on the left, and you only need to open the middle one. After the battle, grab the Large Mirror Jewel from the floor. Go back south and check the large mirror on the south west.

Large Mirror Jewel
The Past Within the Mirror - Hallway

Here, push the statue to the right until you can't push it any further, and continue north into another mirror. In the next area, just head all the way down and unlock the door that is previously locked. Open the door to go back to the main hall. Here, go climb the stairs upstairs and check out the Large Clock with plate symbols. Open the treasure chest next to it for Grounda Bomb. Examine the clock now, and choose the "Pot Plate" here to receive Red Cooper Band, and both doors on either end will be unlocked.

The Large Clock with Plate Symbols

Choose the Pot Plate to unlock both doors and Red Cooper Band
Take the left door first and unlock the treasure chest for the last Plate : Wheat Plate. Take the other door and open the treasure chest for Soul Medicine. Now you're done here, go back downstairs, enter the east room and go through the mirror to go back to the present. Open the treasure chest here, and go north at the end of the hall near the mirror at the end for Poem Fragment C.Now go back to the main hall, and enter the western room. And if you push the statue earlier in the past, the statue will be gone here and you can open the treasure chest containing the last plate , Celestial Plate.

Celestial Plate
Now you have all the Plates ready. Go save your game and head north to the puzzle room. Put the plates in this order.


Pot Plate

Bow Plate Wheat Plate

Celestial Plate
The door will unlock. Examine the blinking object first for Poem Fragment D. Now go down the stairs for even more puzzles? Hmm. Read the stone tablet, and one of the plates will starts to blink.

Time for more Puzzles
There are 4 mirrors here, enter the 2nd mirror from the left, then check the plates here. The plates will stop blinking. Go back to the main screen and enter the 4th mirror from the left (the last one) and examine the plates again to make the plates stop blinking. Repeat this with the 3rd Mirror from the left, and then the first mirror from the left. The stone tablet on the main screen will breaks. Now go enter the 3rd mirror from the left, and examine for a lever near the miror to bring up a platform.

Examine the Lever to bring a platform up
Now enter the 2nd mirror from the left, and enter the mirror on the west. Follow the path here and go past the new raised platform to a Treasure chest containing Goddess Medicine, and another mirror. Enter that last mirror to reach a treasure chest containing Lost Magic. Now you're done with this maze, you can go back and save first if you want, and once you're ready, go through the door on the north for more scenes. Get ready for another boss battle.

Boss Battle : Old Sorceress
Body of Thought x 4 (1550 each)

The boss will keeps changing the elements. So be careful with using magic. If the orb is green, you can use fire for more damage, if the Orb is red you use Aqua magic etc etc (just think the common sense of elements and you'll be fine). Have Kaim and Seth use normal attacks so you dont have to worry about the elements, and the rest of the party using magics, just becareful hitting the wrong element or it'll heal them instad. Please do note that you need to kill all the little orbs before the Old Sorceress runs out of HP. This batttle shouldnt be too hard.

Boss Battle
Now head out from the mansion for more scenes. Back in the world map, check the Nortern Cape first before heading to the Black Cave.

Northern Cape

Yep, this is the exact same place you keep seeing in Kaim's dream. Anyways, there's nothing much you can do here except getting two items. Take the west path for a treasure chest containing Lion Heart accesory. Take the other path east, and on the way, check for a blinking object for Cubic Music Score 4. That's all for this place, just head back to the world map and head to the Black Cave - South

10. Black Cave

Sarah will open the gate for you. Yay. NOw continue on for more scenes, and a battle.

Battle: Dark Sorcerer (HP 900) and 4x Nightflier (220 hp each)
Just kill the Night Fliers first, then focus on the Dark Sorcerer. Be careful using Magic attack on the Dark Sorcercer cause it might counter you with a magic attack!!

At the intersection, take the north east path for another intersection. Ignore the south east path, so keep going north for another intersection. Take the north east path to reach a treasure chest containing Stone Beast Thorn. Back to the intersection and take the west path for another intersection. Take the south path first, and check the glowing thing at the end for Goddess Medicine.

Goddess Medicine
Go back up, and take the north path. Check the skeleton on the north to reveal another fragment of Kaim's dream. From here, head east to reach the higher area. Jump over and keep heading south to find a treasure chest containing 3 Giant Feelers.

3 Giant Feelers
Now take the path leading east. When the path turns north, check out the ledge at the south, and you can jump over it to reach a treasure chest containing Seed. Now continue north to reach the next area.

The Black Cave - Foul Swamp

Continue on for more scenes. Touch the thing, and try to avoid walking on the swamp as they'll suck your HP. Now continue up north. At the intersection, you can head all the way west and grab the blinking item at the end for 500 G. There's also another treasure chest at the east containing Power Drink. To continue, just keep heading north all the way until you reach the next screen.

The Black Cave - Grea Hall of Foul Creatures

Little scene here. Keep following the path and at the intersection, take the south west path first for a treasure chest containing Scroll of Dissection.

Scroll of Dissection
Now take the east path to the next screen

The Black Cave - Helltrap

If you want to know why this screen is called Helltrap...because there are many holes here, and if you fall in one of them, you'll be back at the Foul Swamp and you need to climb up all the way again. So, be sure to keep that little wisp thing so that you can see in the dark. Also, beware that the little wisp might dissapears if you go near the windy area, so be sure to avoid them. Just make sure those little wisp keep following you til the end. Anyways, Keep following the path north until it turns south and reach a bigger area with even MORE HOLES. In this area, be sure to walk (not run) so you can avoid those holes easier.... remember if you fall on them, you have to go all the way up from the Foul Swamp !! Keep going south and follow the path until it turns north east to find a SAVE POINT (FINALLY, im starting to hate this place). Open the treasure chest nearby for a Seed. Now keep going to the next screen.

Black Cave - Great Hall of FOul Creatures.

Keep going, and ram the thing at the end for more scenes. Now, go fight about 3 or 4 of these monsters and the party will hint you to find the "leader". You can find it by reaching the red marked spot on the mini map. Its basically the same monster but with red color.

Boss Battle :
Rough Servant x4 (HP 1360 each)
Rough Queen (HP 1500)
Focus on the servants first, and kill them one by one. To do the damage, just use any Lv5 Black Magic (Flara, Aquara, etc. At the moment only Sarah and Jansen can use Lv5 Black Magic). After you wipe out all the 4 original servants, the queen might call for help and more servants will comes to aid her. But ignore these new servants. For this entire turn, use both Sarah and Jansen cast Flara Magic to the Queen and the rest cast Flare to the Queen. Yep, we need to kill the queen asap before she calls for more help. After you killed the queen, the servants should be piece of cake to handle.

Rough Queen
After the battle, head through the gate on the north to exit back to the world map. Finally!!

11. City of Saman

Feel free to explore the town for items, especially inside the inn as usual. Head to the shop at the north west and talk to the shoemaker inside the weapon/item shop for another fragment of Kaim's dream. At the weapon shop, go buy 2 Hard Spatha for Kaim and Seth. If you have spare money, be sure to buy Sorcerer Earrings (Lvl 4 Black/White Magic),and Magic Trial Record (Lv2 Composite Magic). Go enter the house east from the shop, and examine the blinking object for Secret Ledger. Head out from the house and continue east and try to exit the screen. A guy will stop you asking about the Captain. Anywas, you cant enter the port without him, so head back to the inn and talk to the guy standing outside the rest room to find him.

Talk to the Captain
Now head back to the port for more scenes. When you're read, choose to board the ship. Get ready for a boss battle.

Boss Battle :
Mantalas (HP : 3050)
3x Manta (HP : 620 each)

Use Flara on the Mantas to kill them off in one turn. After you killed them, the boss will summon even more of these things, and it will hide out to the sea. Just keep on attacking them with Flare/Flara magic and you're bound to hit the actual boss sometimes. This battle shouldnt bee too hard.

Boss Battle
After the battle, another dream will be revealed, and more scenes.

12. Experimental Staff

Before going anywhere, you can head inside the ship for a shop and a save point. When you're ready, get off the ship and follow the only path until it leads you into an intersection. Take the south east path first for a chest containing Slot Seed, then take the other path North West. Keep following the path until you reach another intersection, again take the south east path first for a chest containing 6 Generators. Continue north west through the gate to the next screen.

Experimental Staff - Power Division

During random battle, if you encounter Uhra's guardsman, be sure to use Jansen's STEAL command to stole some gate pass. Steal at least 5 of them, you're going to need them later.

Steal Gate Pass From the Soldiers Here
Follow the only path until you see more scenes. Ignore the ladder going down at the east for now, so climb the stairs and open the treasure chest for Cure All. Now continue west to the next screen.

More Scenes, and operate the green switch to bring a platform up. Ignore that and head west until you found another lever. Operate it to move the platform down and operate the green switch leading you to a treasure chest containing Aqua Mine magic. Take the moving platform back up and continue west for another green switch. Cross over the platform and check the monitor for a scene. This is where you use your Gate Pass you stole from the soldiers earlier.

Time to make use of those Gate Passes
Before taking the elevator up, go back and cross the platform and take the nearby ladder down. Open the treasure chest for 4x Pendulums. Go back up and head south to find another security monitor. Insert another Gate Pass here and open the treasure chest for Knight Earrings. Now go back to the elevator on the west before and take the elevator up. Here oprate the green switch to raise a platform up, and use another one of your Gate Pass for a chest containing white Lous and a ring. Now take the ladder down for another chest containing 5x Gutsy Cloths.go back up and cross the platform to the east. Lets call this POINT "A". Ignore the green switch here for now and take the moving platform and follow the path north west. Ride another platform here and operate the green switch to raise a platform up, and another one to drop the big box down. Continue on to the east and ride another moving platform. On the way, examine another green switch to raise the platform up. Now go all the way back go point "A". Now you can examine that other green switch to move the big box away. Now ride the same moving platform before and you can go through this time. Reach the other end, and operate the green switch again to put the big box back down. Ride the same moving platform and you can get off here.

Operate the green switch on the way and head to the next moving platform. Head south and operate another green switch on the way and keep going south until you reach an intersection. Head east first and take the elevator down. Use another Gate Pass here and take the elevator back up. Head west and operate the green switch and use your last gate pass here to go through. Continue south to the next screen. Here head west and take the door which leads to a treasure chest containing Fire Charm.

Fire Charm
Go back outside and climb the stairs all the way up until you find a treasure chest and a save point. Continue to the next screen

Experimental Staff - Glass Chamber.

More scenes, and get ready for a boss battle.

Boss Battle : Gongora
HP : about 10.000 ?

Just keep attacking him, after doing about 10.000 damage, he will wipe out your party with his magic. You can't win this battle.

After all the scenes, the building will collapse and you have to get out from this place asap !! Just run away from all the battles, and head south to the next screen and climb the stairs all the way down .

Time's Running out !!
Experimental Staff - Upper Division

Head west then south to go back outside. Just take the stairs down all the way.

Experimental Staff - Operation Division

Follow the path west, then north then east until you reach the next screen.

Experimental Staff - Power Division

Head east then south. Remember the ladder we ignored earlier in the game ? Head east to find a ladder and take it downstairs. Go cross the platform and open the treasure chest for a Power Drink. Take the ladder down, and open another treasure chest containing Red Snake and Snake Ring. GO down another ladder to reach the bottom, and head north east to the next screen. From here just go north to reach back to the ship. More scenes, and that's the end of disc 2 !!



Port Shaman

Feel free to explore around the port if you havent. Enter the shop and the guy who assembly rings back in the ship can be found over here. Also, over the back is an Auction House. I believe you dont have enough money to waste for this yet, so we'll leave this for later.

Auction House
Now Head to the front of the inn for more scenes. Next morning, head to the house (Riordan the Merchant) next to the shop for another scene. He'll kick you out, and talk to the inspector and gave him the Secret Ledger you got from his house earlier in Disc 2. Afterwards, go back inside the house again and talk to the detective and he'll give you Solid Spartan and Spartan Ring.

Give him the Secret Ledger

Get Your Rewards !
When you're ready, head back to the world map and head to the new location on the map - Ice Canyon - South.

13. Ice Canyon

One of the monster here can steal your item. But dont worry you can get them back later.

Use the save point if you want, and continue to the next screen. Over here, the path to the north is blocked, so take the west path. You might not see it in the map, but it's there, just search around. You'll reach the higher area of the canyon. Becareful, the path is slippery, and if you slip then you have to go back up here again. Follow the path until you see a treasure chest, open it for a Seed. Keep going until you reach the end and you have to slide down back to the bottom area. Instead of sliding all the way down, go slide down ONCE and go north until you see a bunch of Elmons.

Get those annoying bastards!
Battle : Elmons 4x + Elmon Leader (Hp 4800)
This battle should easy, just focus one target at a time, then focus on the Leader.

After the battle, you'll get your stolen items back. Leave them for now, and go slide down to the bottom level and go north to the next screen.

Ice Canyon - Blizzard Peak

Open the treasure chest for Blazing Ruby. Now follow the path a little north, then east, and go past three little openings that blast a very strong wind. Be sure to avoid them, or it'll blow you away !!

Strong Winds !
After you go past these, continue on and until you see a chest down below. Slide down, and open the chest for 5 Tornado Leafs. Keep going until you see a penguin on a cliff along with a treasure chest. Just keep going at the end to find a small cavern that leads to the penguin from before. Open the chest for Warm Vest.

Check out the marked area for a little cavern.

A Penguin and a Treasure Chest
Now go a little south to find a platform you can jump over (becareful of the wind though). Go down and ram down the snow to close the little opening downstairs.

Ram the damn snow.
Head back east to find another chest near a cliff. To reach there, you need to jump over the platform. Open it for Earring of Wisdom.

Earrings of Wisdom
Now follow the path down, and follow it until you reach a save point. Continue on to the next screen

Ice Canyon - Snowy Plateau

Just keep going and get ready for boss battle

Boss battle : Dinozaoro
HP : 20.160!!

The boss has plenty of HP. and if you attack using normal attacks, it tends to counter you back with a powerful attack. So i suggest to use both Kaim and Seth as your primary healers (items or healing magics) and have Jansen, Ming and Sarah using LVL 4 magic like Flara, Winda, etc. They should do about 900-1000+ damage each. So that should be at least 3000 damage / turn and you should be able to take it down for around 7-8 turns. If it killed one of your main attackers, just revive them back with Angel Plume.

Boss Battle : Dinozaoro
After the battle, if you check around there is a path you can take between the big chunk of ice, just try to go north all the way until you reach the top. Open the treasure chest for Elmon Crown. Now, just exit back to the world map. Head to your next destination : Gohtza.

14. Gohtza City

Follow the only path north to the next screen. Keep going and you'll trigger a cutscene. Afterwards, go enter the door next to you to reach the inn. Feel free to explore the town, and be sure to stop by at the store to stock up your items, and buy new weapons for Kaim and Seth. There's also a guy who can assembly rings here. When you're ready, head west from the shops and take the elevator down.

Gohtza Station - Waiting Room

Go near the gate for more scenes. Seems like you need a valid "id" to enter the station. Take the elevator back up, and head north from the shops for more scenes. Kaim and Sarah will leave the party for a while, so take the elevator right in front of you up to reach the High Town area. Go near the gate for more scenes.

Talk to the guards and they'll let you through
Continue on to the next gate and talk to the soldiers again to open the gate. More scenes and afterwards you'll be controlling Ming. Just press A button to destroy those barriers and continue on.

Destroy the Barriers

Low Town

Now you'll be controlling both Kaim and Sarah. Follow the path north until you reach a save pount, and head east and talk to the guards here and choose YES.

Talk to the guards here
Now take the elevator next to the save point, and choose the 10th floor. If you take the door on the west here you'll reach the Gamblers Hide out, but you can't do anything much here so for now just leave and keep this place in mind for later. Go north east and enter the door. Explore around here for items, and there's also a treasure chest containing 6 Life Stealing Tooths. Ignore the shops over here for now since you cant buy anything from them anyway. Go back to the elevator and go to the 9th floor this time. The door on the north here leads to an inn and a save point. If you want to rest or save you game, feel free to head there, otherwise take the elevator to the 7th floor. Take the door north, and keep on going for more scenes.

After the long talk you'll be controlling Mack and Cooke

Gohtza Station - Waiting Room

Use the save point here if you like, and explore around for treasure chest containing 4 Loud Bells, and another one at the north west near the shop for Aquara bomb. Take the escalator at the north east to the next screen. Talk to the granny here for a short scene, then open the treasure chest for Flara Bomb.

Talk to the old lady for more scene
Now go back to the previous screen. You can't take the middle escalator, so go take the bottom one up to the next screen. Before getting on the train, check the treasure chest here first for Circular Dance Discus and Circular Dance Ring. Now go enter the train for more scenes. Examine the driver seat for more scenes.

You'll be controlling Seth, Jansen and Ming again. Head out from the place and go all the way west and take the elevator back to Middle Town. Here take the other elevator at the south west down to reach the station. Go near the gate for more scenes. Now Kaim and Sarah will rejoin the party. Now take the middle elevator with Kaim in your party. Just keep going north for more scenes.

Afterwards you'll be controlling Kaim and Sarah again. Take the north escalator up to the next screen. Go north and enter the train for more scenes, and get ready for some battles. Just have Kaim use his normal attacks and Sarah cast lvl 4 magic such as Flara, Aquara, etc against the Land Walkers. Afterwards you'll encounter another battle....

Boss Battle : Armored Train
HP : 5500
The boss can cast a barrier that nullifies physical attakcs, so in that case just keep using Magics to do the damage. This battle should be too hard,

Armored Train
After all the scenes, you'll be controlling Gongora...yes, that bastard. Just head south to the next screen and take either stairs down for more scenes. Afterwards climb the stairs back up for more scenes. You'll have to battle against 7 Acolytes and you have to use diffent magic elements for each one of them (Shinus, Breaku, Stonus, Flarus, etc). Dont worry you cant lose this battle. Couple of more scenes will follow afterwards....

You'll be controlling Kaim and Sarah Again. Go save your game and examine the switch near the door to go through to the next screen. Defeat the monster here and keep on going. Please do note that the game will be over if the the entire train freezes over, so you gotta hurry. When you reach some crates blocking the way. Check around for a blinking object (Slot Seed), and from here, Just push the crates outta the way and keep going until you see another monster blocking the way. Defeat it and go thought the door to the next screen. More crates, go pull the crate back so you can get through the first crate. Same thing as the 2nd crate, go pull the crate to the left so you can go through it. Push the next crate and continue on. At the end, check the switch and you'll be asked to enter a password. The Password is 9240, so type in the number and the door will open.

The Password is 9240
Go near Mack and Cooke for another battle. More cutscenes, and you'll be controlling Seth again, this time together with Tolten. Before talking to the guard, first you can check your equipments first. When you're ready go talk to the soldier for a battle. Defeat them, and head east and go near 2 guys talking to each other for more scenes.

Talk to these guys for more scenes
From here just go north to reach the back alley.

Back Alley - City of Uhra

Take the west path first and examine around for some items. Take the east path leading to the save point for another battle. When you battle these guards, just be sure to take care of the guard dog first. Anyways, use the heal point and feel free to save your game if you want. Here take the east path first, check the golden pot at the end for Mana Capsule. You can also climb the ladder and examine around for Groundus Bomb. Go back to the save point and take the north path and keep going north and examine around for more items. Now take the east path and climb the ladder on the way for another item. From here head south east at the end for another ladder. From here just follow the path to the next screen. Now you'll be back at the Uhra Main Street Upper area. Go take the first door you see and talk to the man and he'll give you a Talisman.

Go back out and take the other door to enter the Shop from the 2nd floor. Go down the stairs and examine the chest for Aquaus Bomb. Now head back out and re-enter the inn again. This time go down to the first floor, and the
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